Day 2 Recap

The Philadelphia PowerPlay dropped the first game of day 2 against Michigan as the Mustangs scored 5 unanswered goals in the 3rd period on their way to a 8-5 victory. Another physical game was played by the Ottawa Capitals when they took on the Toronto Rock as both teams combined for 20 PIM. After the Caps took a 2 goal lead into the third, the Rock rolled back scoring two early and one late to take the lead and the win 6-5. The Saints were ready for game 9 as they jumped to a 4-0 lead en route to a 7-4 win over the Toronto Lake Raiders.

The first of two exhibition games was played between the Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays and North American Selects. The Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays is made up of players from the Philadelphia PowerPlay wheelchair hockey league while the North American Selects is made up of players from all other teams participating in the 2016 Powerhockey Cup. The fun-filled friendly game was won by the Selects 7-0.

One of the most exciting games of the tournament was seen in a back and forth match between the PowerPlay and Rock. After the Rock tied the game with back to back goals with 5 minutes left in regulation, Alex Pitts scored two of his own to give the hosting team the 7-5 win. The biggest surprise of the Powerhockey Cup was the Mustangs knocking off the Saints 5-2. For the first time ever, the Mustangs defeated the Saints in tournament play. In the final game of day 2, Ottawa blew out the Toronto Lake Raiders 8-1 to bring the Capitals to 2-2 and the Raiders to 0-4.

REMINDER: All games for the remainder of the 2016 Powerhockey Cup will be live streamed at The live stream can also be accessed at the top of the page by clicking on Watch Live!

Final Scores:
Game 7 – Philadelphia PowerPlay 5 vs Michigan Mustangs 8
Game 8 – Ottawa Capitals 5 vs Toronto Rock 6
Game 9 – Toronto Lake Raiders 4 vs Minnesota Saints 7

Exhibition Game – Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays 0 vs. North American Selects 7

Game 10 – Toronto Rock 6 vs Philadelphia PowerPlay 7
Game 11 – Michigan Mustangs 5 vs Minnesota Saints 2
Game 12 – Ottawa Capitals 8 vs Toronto Lake Raiders 1

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2016 Powerhockey Cup Standings

1Michigan Mustangs41-8
1Minnesota Saints41-8
3Toronto Rock32-6
4Ottawa Capitals23-4
4Philadelphia PowerPlay23-4
6Toronto Lake Raiders-5-0

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