Exhibition Teams

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The exhibition teams, Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays and the North American Selects, will be playing two games. The first game will be played on Saturday, July 9th at 2:30pm and the second game will be played on Sunday, July 10th at 3:30pm. The Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays is made up of players from the Philadelphia PowerPlay wheelchair hockey league while the North American Selects is made up of players from all other teams participating in the 2016 Powerhockey Cup. The North American Selects roster will be determined on the day of the games. Click here to view the stats for the exhibition games.

Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays Coaches:
Jake Hartline
Rodger Laube

Philadelphia PowerPlay Grays

2Mike PresloidGoalie3
4Lea DonaghyForward2
10Hisham MohammedDefense3
11AJ RinkerForward2
17Anthony LaubeDefense, Goalie3
24Greg SmithDefense, Goalie3
26Lauren ShipmanForward2
28Pete HenkelForward2
75Jessica GronoDefense, Goalie3
79Anthony CaballeroDefense3
87Sean HesserForward3
89Caitlin DontonvilleForward2

North American Selects Coaches:
Steve Nelson
Pat Hilferty

North American Selects (Game 1)

2Katie FrayerMichigan MustangsDefense3
3Frank RogersMichigan MustangsDefense3
3Hollis PeirceOttawa CapitalsDefense3
15Jerry MarianoToronto Lake RaidersForward2
18Kellen SchleyerOttawa CapitalsForward2
44Michael IacovoneToronto Lake RaidersForward2
64Gordy FosterMinnesota SaintsDefense3
88Colin KeddyToronto RockDefense3
92Kirk AshmanToronto RockForward2
98Chelsea KnutsonMinnesota SaintsDefense3

North American Selects (Game 2)

Chris PavoneOttawa CapitalsForward3
Katie FrayerMichigan MustangsDefense3
Frank RogersMichigan MustangsDefense3
Nicole GordonToronto Lake RaidersForward2
Robin GuillotteOttawa CapitalsForward2
Kellen SchleyerOttawa CapitalsForward2
Jordan ZmichMichigan MustangsForward2
Drew CanadaMichigan MustangsDefense3
Emerson BartelOttawa CapitalsForward2
Colin KeddyToronto RockDefense3