Comment by sharon moeller | 2008-08-07
i am Wayne Baiers sister from Clearwater Mn
Wayne plays for the stars
Comment by PowerHockey Moderator | 2008-08-07
Welcome to the PowerHockey Cup 2008! Fans may leave comments here, please maintain good sportsmanship, No foul or obscene language, personal attacks or off topic comments allowed. Comments will be moderated by tournament staff. Good luck everyone!
Comment by Sandra | 2008-08-09
Let the games begin! I'll be cheering for Toronto Rock ~ because my brother Greg is on that team ~ and I was so happy to see that many of the games will be web.cast. Kudos to the organizers of this event :)
Comment by Linda, Alain and Eleanor | 2008-08-10
Keep up the great work, Toronto Lake Raiders! We're cheering for you here! This is an awesome website, by the way ---- congrats to the designer!
Yey, Jordan and all the team!! :)
Comment by Scott77 | 2008-08-10
Go Calgary Selects! Hey Falconer, show the world you really are the best Powerhockey player in North America!
Great to see the webcasts, but by the way, someone should tell the guys on XABLE that actually Toronto won the Canadian Allied Cup in 2007.
Comment by Mike Lavalle | 2008-08-12
Hey Toronto Rock...I watched the games via the webcast...was cheering you on all the palyed an awesome game against the Lake Raiders...way to I'll be cheering for Calgary....go Selects go!!!
Comment by Rhonda & Meagan Thorne | 2008-08-12
Go Calgary Selects!
Were so proud of you guys! And cant wait to see the results of the final!
Comment by Mike Lavalle | 2008-08-12
Congratulations to the Saints on the Bronze win!!
Comment by Mike Lavalle | 2008-08-12
WoW!! Game isn't up yet,but the results are...Way to Go Calgary!! I would like to congratulate the defending champs on their win and a high five to their head coach Blair...a job well done and well deserved.
Comment by Calvin Landrie | 2008-08-12
Way to go Selects, awesome job on an awesome tournament. Falconer and Nathan, you 2 are unstoppable.
Comment by Sarah | 2008-09-02
Hi Everyone
Just want to congratulate the Selects for their victory and to the Toronto Lake Raiders for making such an impressive showing! You guys surprised us all.
I also want to congratulate the Toronto Rock for having the worst standings in all CEWHA history! You guys gave me alot to think about for the next seAson.
Comment by Duffy VaSlaylin | 2008-11-24
Thanks, nice site.
Comment by Andrew | 2008-12-04
hello all, i just found this site and it might be the coolest thing ever...ive been playing hockey forever and have been trying to find pretty much exactly what this is...does anyone know of any leagues in the D.C. metro area? or how can i get a league affiliated with this good competition? thanks! feel free to send me an email at
Comment by james | 2009-01-31